Summer items that you will need 2021-08-11 | Manuel

A beach vacation isn't complete without the appropriate bag to transport your summer essentials. The weekender bag is next on our list of summer best-sellers; a stylish, roomy bag that can handle all-over patterns and b...

Go-to Summer Items of 2021 2021-08-11 | Manuel

A Slip 'n Slide for the Backyard

Lawn games are fun (as said above), but if it's the hottest summer in years, you'll want to find a method to cool off after a round of cornhole. The slip 'n ...

Shopping Items for Summer 2021-08-10 | Manuel

With more people being immunized and limitations on eating and outdoor activities being removed, this summer is approaching some sort of normality. With summer on the horizon, you'll want to stock up on items like fans, air conditioners, coolers, and barb...

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