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Instant Cashback will always stand by your side and consider your needs. We save you money on the premise of getting the same quality and quantity of products you want. Unlike other key providers, we give you real savings without compromising anything. The website and app of Instant Cashback are the largest and most unique discount key platform systems today. It can truly solve the problem of people wasting time comparing discount keys to find the best one. You can buy according to your needs instead of according to what a key demands, and you can buy them anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to buy keys in advance or purchase on the spot when shopping, Instant Cashback has you covered.

You can browse locally or find keys anywhere you visit. With our app or site, you can search and buy thousands of discount keys on one page without needing to jump to another page or scroll forever. In your Buyer's Portal on our app or site, you can see the savings you have accumulated and your use of discount keys. You can turn $100 into $200! And $10,000 can be $20,000 ! To save money, look for Instant Cashback. Example: John went to a store where he often shopped. He found many items on sale and even received a “friends and family” discount from the manager. When he went to check out, his bill was $1,626.62. But, before he paid, he found a 10% additional discount on the Instant Cashback app. He bought a $162.66 discount key from the app for just $81.33 and used it on the spot, which dropped his bill by another $81.33, so he only paid $1,545.29 for his entire purchase!

Looking to win at shopping? Looking to save real money at shopping? Looking for a way to get cash back instantly instead of waiting numerous days for it? Want to save more than just a few pennies? Want to have a personalized shopping assistant to help you with all your shopping needs? Especially with $0 service fee and 0 risk? Sounds crazy? Sounds impossible? Look no further because you just found it! The world’s first Instant Cash back (ICB) technology can help you! Through ICB keys you can! We have over 300,000 subscribed sellers here in your area, we can help you achieve these goals with our ICB key system!

You can win at shopping, and it’s as easy as 123. 1, register for a buyer account; 2, find a key from ICB keys page for the store of your choice; 3, get instant cash back at shopping with no risk at all.

Additionally, you can win at sharing, and it’s as easy as 123. 1, check your referral ID after you have registered for your buyer account; 2, share your referral ID with your friends and family; 3, get $1 when you get your first referee, and get $100 for the 100th referee. You can get as much as $5050 for having only 100 referees! The more you share the more money you will earn! With ICB’s money saving key, there is endless possibility and you will find this journey both exciting and rewarding.

In the buyer portal on our site and APP, you can clearly see how many ICB keys you have chosen, bookmarked, purchased, and how much you have saved in total from ICB keys. We put the data you need right at your fingertips. Your shopping can reach every corner of USA, Canada, China, India, UK, and Australia.

Let us see what a buyer named Jenny said: “Oh my gosh, what a delightful surprise! With just one use of ICB’s key, I got $35.85 instant cash back at my grocery shopping today and my husband got $12,585.55 instant cash back at his building material shopping today. It was a pleasure using ICB’s keys! It is so unexpected, so simple, and so easy! Indeed! It was simply impossible before! It is cashback on top of every possible discount!! A real money saving! I am so grateful to know that such a wonderful money saving key is available on all of my future shopping trips!”

Really? So amazing? Is it too good to be true?

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If you have any questions, please visit or call our toll-free number at 1-833-578-2228.

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