Jusaves is an Untethered, Undefined E-Commerce Platform.In the Experience Age, the e-commerce landscape of online retail is changing, and e-commerce in the field of life services is also competing fiercely. Users are constantly rising in the level of Maslow's needs, not only demanding cost-effectiveness, but also pursuing fun, creativity, and experience. We believe that Cashback should not stop at simply guiding you to a certain website for shopping. What Jusaves wants to do is not only to provide a 360-degree full-scene shopping guide around life, shopping, travel, etc., but also allows users to share their happiness with others anytime, anywhere on the platform. While enjoying the cost-effectiveness, the personal experience can also be satisfied. Jusaves is a platform that guarantees user shopping rebate experience. In order to ensure a unique and good shopping rebate experience for users, showing everyone a completely different rebate ecosystem from the market. It is also reflected in the meaning of the name Jusaves - to allow users to save money just as simple and enjoyable as drinking juice. Today, Jusaves has successfully launched thousands of stores, bringing users a personalized, convenient and beautiful way to save money. Now is your time to enjoy this platform and start your dream! Compared to other traditional rebate platforms, Jusaves is now just a bud in bloom. Because of this, we will open up more possibilities and grow together with brands and users. Jusaves meets, shares, helps, and grows with users. This is a money-saving platform and social channel that was born and dominated by you. Jusaves enables users to shop at any store and save at least 10% even outside of our affiliate program. And with a powerful and quick scale up program for win-win solutions for both shopper referrers and referees, it's time to invite your friends to explore new ways to shop together! No longer will you face the frustration and delays of expired or invalid coupons, or the anxiety of long redemption wait times. In our daily life, we are stumped by all kinds of big and small things, and it is easy to miss the arrival of any big discounts and replenishment reminders. We feel the same way as you! Jusaves is like a timed alarm clock that detects big discount events at any time and sends messages to specific users who may be interested. Our unique social community system also encourages the active participation of all users. You can meet different people in the community, share life and shopping experience with them. You can also find out shopping news here and see what others have said about the product. Your favorite internet celebrities will also gather here to communicate and share with you at close range. For those of you who aspire to be part of a famous person on the web, Jusaves might just be the beginning of your dreams! Our goal is to make Jusaves' unfetteredism appreciated by the world. Would you like to walk with us on this journey? "Jusaves is designed to take care of every customer's shopping needs: no matter what kind of personality, buying habits, hobbies, social needs, or simply wanting to share your shopping. I want everyone's needs to be taken care of, that's the real starting point for me to create this platform."

Our Company

Jusaves is a simple, elegant, affordable solution for consumers and is also the solution for businesses who need more customers, a higher brand awareness, and increased market share but don’t want to pay expensive fees for marketing services. Jusaves is a comprehensive, mobile, multi-location marketing platform which consumers can take advantage of by conveniently getting extra savings wherever they are and anywhere they go.

We are part of a huge amount of affiliate programs and has all the discount codes and deals for all your favourite stores.JuSaves helps customers apply discount codes automatically and shares affiliate comission with customers when they shop at any of their favourite stores.Through JuSaves' referral system, customers can earn thousands of dollars in credit! Jusaves has many different ways this credit can be cashed out including giftcards and cashback bonuses.

Our company philosophy is to create a win-win situation for everyone: we want consumers to get awesome discounts from their favorite stores and we want businesses to attract more customers and succeed. We also want to create an opportunity for everyone to make passive income without any out-of-pocket investment and without any risk.

Every party wants to win at buying or selling, and this is where “Extra Savings” comes in as an effective solution that benefits both the buyers and the sellers. By utilizing our personalized profit-sharing mechanism, we will not only stimulate demands from both active and hesitant users alike, but also bring the rebate shopping industry to an unprecedented height. With all of these factors in mind, we will provide unexpected benefits to all users on our platform.

As a publisher of affiliate stores and as an Amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Step 1: The customer starts by navigating to jusaves.com and adding the free web extension.

Step 2: From here, the customers can shop at any of their favourite stores as usual.

Step 3: JuSaves' extension will always help the customer get unexpected extra savings automatically and effortlessly through discount codes and commission sharing.

Jusaves provides commission-based promotional marketing to our seller partners, and our Jusaves buyers get a share of this commission through “Extra Savings”.

We not only have a proper mechanism to dynamically balance the interests of sellers, buyers, and distributors, but we also provide users with multiple roles and rich scenarios to build a distributed and multi-dimensional interactive win-win system.

Purchasing a Jusaves Product & How It Works:

Visit the product section of Jusaves' website to get extra savings. Search for the store you desire to shop at and check if there is an Jusaves product available for it. If yes, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the purchase. The discount can be applied upon checkout, which will translate to extra savings.

Really? So amazing? Is it too good to be true?

Why not sign up for a buyer account now to become a trusted Jusaves buyer and start enjoying our personalized and assisted shopping service for free? Give this amazing and innovative golden product a try, and you will start enjoying your endless victory at shopping. It will cost you nothing except spending a few minutes on the website or APP. With only a few clicks and you will be able to start experiencing 100% real saving! You will love it for sure! You will find that this amazing and innovative product is like an endless lottery prize for you, on and on! Day by day! Every day’s products, every day’s win at extra savings!

Why not sign up for a seller account now to become a Jusaves seller and start boosting your business? By establishing a Jusaves product for your store or service, you will be able to earn more as we bring an endless flow of customers to you. Give this amazing and innovative golden product a try! You will definitely love it! You will find that this amazing and innovative product is like a magic solution for your business! Every day’s product, every day’s win at selling!

Why not sign up for a distributor account now to become a trusted Jusaves distributor and start earning a remarkably steady yet sustainable and permanent passive income? By registering for a Jusaves distributor ID, you will be able to earn from your freelancer distributor business with the help of our distributor infrastructure and system. Give this amazing and innovative golden product a try and you will enjoy having a lot of buyers and sellers from Jusaves. It is free and you will love it for sure! You find that this amazing and innovative platform provides infrastructure and services that are simply like a magic product for your business. Every day’s products, every day’s win at sharing!

If you have any questions, please visit www.jusaves.com or call our toll-free number at 1-833-578-2228.

Product pricing, review, and offers are manually curated here. We spend a considerable amount of time choosing them and may earn some commissions from the sales.The profit helps to maintain our business and expenses.

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Sign up for a free JuSaves account and install a free extension. You don’t need to do anything else, just shop at your favourite stores as usual! Or find a store from our categories to shop. We are here to help you get unexpected extra savings automatically and effortlessly at ANY store you shop at! Sign up now to get $50 bonus and fantastic deal! We care about your shopping experience and we are part of the consumer protection organization. If you are facing any kind of shopping dispute, just upload the receipt and send us a message – we will help you solve it!